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Growing Green Cities

In dealing with the hustle and bustle of city life, green spaces offer people a place to recover physically and mentally, and connect with nature. But, finding harmony in nature will be increasingly difficult if we do not change the way we see our cities. World population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, 70% of which will live in cities. With the demand for new housing and urbanisation crossing into nature’s playground, green spaces are slowly disappearing. Yet, these green spaces are vital for climate resilience and contribute to a better quality of life. 

Trade mission to the USA

The US and the Netherlands: Addressing societal challenges together The economic ties between the United States and the Netherlands are strong. In fact, the US is the most important non-European partner for the Netherlands. Exports and investments between the two countries have been steady. However, strong bilateral relations cannot be taken for granted. It is therefore important to continue investing in them.

Moving towards functional green in Romania

Did you know there are right and wrong ways to plant trees, shrubs and flowers to ensure longevity and functionality? Greening a city isn’t just about making it look green and beautiful. It is so much more than that. Ensuring the suitable plant species are used in the right places and for the right means is fundamental to future-proof green solutions.

Let’s Grow Together: developing an AgTech ecosystem in Kentucky

The United States and the Netherlands are two of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural produce. But despite producing large quantities of food, critical challenges for the future remain. To sustainably feed the world, the Netherlands wants to export solutions (seeds, knowledge and technology), instead of just fruit and vegetables. COVID-19 and the following disruption of food supply chains have only underlined the importance of producing food more locally. Facilitated by NLWorks, the Kentucky government and sustainable enterprise AppHarvest, public-private partnership Let’s Grow Together aims to develop Kentucky into an AgTech powerhouse. The recently announced addition of new (industry) partners and the incoming mission in June 2022 are important steps towards this goal.

Sustainable aquaculture & livestock farming: global challenges, glocal solutions

We eat more meat and fish than ever. This is partly a result of population growth, but economic development also plays an important role. Animal protein consumption is growing fastest in low and middle-income countries, where incomes and expenditure on food are climbing correspondingly. How can we ensure that people around the world can still continue to eat meat and fish, without exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet? One solution could be glocal farming, as promoted by HubOrange at VIV Europe 2022.

The 100 cities working to make cities smarter

With over half the world’s population living in cities, adapting metropolitan areas to be climate-neutral by 2050 is high on Europe’s list of ambitions. Cities are responsible for consuming over 75% of the earth’s natural resources, so it’s no surprise that initiatives are popping up worldwide to support them in deploying climate-neutral solutions.

Excelling in hydrogen

The Netherlands is already on the forefront of European initiatives to kick-start a hydrogen revolution and replace fossil fuels. As the second largest hydrogen producer in Europe, we have a lot to offer.   Aside from the innovative technology itself, an open, inventive and forward-thinking community is equally important. The Netherlands is home to Europe’s first ‘hydrogen valley’. Foreign investors and technology companies views the Netherlands as an excellent base for open innovation and business development. A wide range of applications By continuously building productive partnerships, we can ensure that our hydrogen ambitions and initiatives are strongly embedded in European policies and innovation programmes.