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Developing profitable business models for carbon farming

Trees and plants are the earth’s green lungs. They take CO2 from the air and release oxygen in return. The European Carbon Farming project aims to take advantage of this natural process by experimenting with carbon sequestration techniques in agricultural areas. By storing CO2 in the soil, farmers not only improve their own soil, they also help to mitigate climate change – a service other companies are willing to pay for. The Carbon Farming pilot projects connect farmers to partners seeking solutions for their climate goals. By sharing the cost of investment, everybody wins.

Solving urban challenges together

As cities worldwide attract more and more people, public space is coming increasingly under pressure. Climate change and rapid urbanisation are intensifying the problems faced by people living in urban areas. During the pandemic, connectivity played a vital role in stabilising society and the economy. As city, regional and national governments around the world look to build back better, we want to help them by sharing great ideas online.

Mangrove restoration: an effective strategy against climate change

Mangroves are under serious threat of deforestation. They are highly effective carbon sinks, responsible for 40% of greenhouse gas (GHG) absorption in the soil. When mangroves are cut down, they accelerate climate change as they release ancient carbon ─ captured for centuries in the soil and vegetation ─ back into the atmosphere. Together with our international partners, the Netherlands is helping to restore and protect mangroves from further depletion. Thus mitigating the effects of climate change which cause flooding, extreme weather events and sea-level rise.  

How a circular approach to wastewater can help us achieve the SDGs

Polluted water and air, overfished oceans, depleted fuel supplies and exhausted soil. With more and more people using our natural resources, the planet is reaching its limits. We need to be at our most creative to make the best of the resources available for the sake of life as we know it. Pioneers of the Dutch circular movement have teamed up with their counterparts in Singapore and Brazil to create a new source of supply from wastewater.

13 Dutch solutions win CES Innovation Awards ahead of world’s largest tech fair

At the beginning of 2021, CES went fully digital for the first time ever. In January 2022, the world’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show will welcome 170,000 companies from 160 countries back to Las Vegas live. Seventy innovative Dutch companies, 50 startups and 20 scaleups, presented themselves today at CES Unveiled in Amsterdam. A record-breaking number of Dutch companies won CES Innovation Awards for excellent design, with 13 of the 34 entrants receiving an award. In previous years, only one or two Dutch entries fell in the prizes.

The UAE & the Netherlands: a dialogue on water, energy, food & urban development

  ​In November 2021, we will present the Netherlands to the UAE, the Gulf and the global community at Expo 2020 Dubai. The Expo has 191 participating countries and will welcome millions of visitors. Economic ties between the Netherlands, the UAE, and the rest of the Gulf region are strong, and our participation in Expo 2020 Dubai aims to strengthen this relationship. The Expo also presents a unique opportunity to discuss common challenges and work together on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Harnessing the power of youth voices in creating a better future

Young people are the most important stakeholders of the future. And yet, youth voices are underrepresented in policy making. That’s why the We Are Tomorrow Global Partnership brings together young people from all over the world for a common goal: to co-develop plans for the future they wish to see and live in. The Netherlands believes that young people need to be involved in the decision-making which will shape the future of the world they inherit, and able to amplify their plans for their own future. Through a platform called Youth at Heart, the Netherlands strives to include young people’s voice in shaping the national and international climate agendas, and inspire decision-makers to take bolder action faster.