Clean energy

NL Energy Compact

Reliable energy supply is critical for our daily lives. We need it for our homes, education and work. And to ensure quality healthcare and to power industries. In developing countries, a reliable and affordable energy supply is indispensable to foster sustainable economic growth. And yet, nearly 760 million people worldwide still lack access to electricity and nearly 2.6 billion lack clean cooking fuels or technologies. The latter causes several million deaths each year from household air pollution. 

UN High Level Dialogue on Energy

Through the NL Energy Compact, the Netherlands reaffirms its commitment to support global action to increase an inclusive access to affordable, reliable, clean energy by 2030 (SDG7) and to achieve the net zero climate goals by 2050. 

By harnessing the power of collaboration between government, private sector, civil society, finance, knowledge institutions and youth, the Netherlands strives to accelerate action on the following themes:

  1. Increasing universal access to clean cooking
  2. Increasing universal access to electricity
  3. Funding clean energy through investment and finance
  4. Supporting displaced people due to conflicts, natural disasters, or climate change
  5. Empowering women and youth

The NL Energy Compact is built on individual commitment of the participants. The progress will be annually reviewed through an open dialogue, allowing us to scale up commitment, replicate successes, share learnings and respond to challenges.


Download the NL Energy Compact to learn more about it or watch our short video.