Sustainable & inclusive entrepreneurship

Chemical industry top sector

The Netherlands’ chemical sector makes up part of the formula for creating solutions to cope with the world’s challenges. Many of them require multi-disciplinary and cross-sector cooperation. That is why the chemical sector works together with the other ten top sectors and across borders to achieve affordable healthcare, food security, sustainable energy, transport solutions, climate resilience and sufficient resources.

The chemical sector combines the expertise of companies, researchers, governments and social organisations in order to achieve common goals. One of these goals is innovating for better solutions by:


  • forming advanced clusters of combined expertise in specific areas;
  • creating a chemical community working together on new innovations;
  • building a world-class infrastructure that comprises advanced clusters, multi-modal transport, pipelines and merchant storage;
  • hosting 16 of the world’s major chemical companies.

Multiple enabling technologies

The Netherlands also acts as a chemical corridor to Europe. Its multiple enabling technologies provide many other European countries with the products they need to power their industries. The Dutch chemical sector is integral, inventive, and focused on the future. This approach has given rise to its strong trading position in the world.

We are working on highlighting the best examples of international collaboration which make a difference and will include them in our showcases in the future.


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