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Top sectors

The Netherlands strives to create integrated joint solutions across sectors through partnership between government, companies and research and knowledge institutions. This approach, known as ‘Triple Helix’ is proven to be successful. To maintain top-level engagement in helping the world to solve global challenges, all businesses in the Netherlands are engaged ten key sectors nominated by the Dutch government.


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    High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM)

    The sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) offers modern, innovative new solutions to technological challenges. The sector consists of a well-functioning ecosystem of specialised companies and knowledge institutions. Their strong links lead to high concentrations of tech companies in areas with technical universities.


    Today’s societal challenges require mission-driven innovations. Chemical industries in the Dutch Top Sector ChemistryNL have initiated many innovations to address such challenges. They do so through multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral work in the fields of health, energy, industry, recycling, plastics and transport.


    Speed, sustainability and safety are the core values of logistic operations in the Netherlands. Situated on Europe’s west coast, the Netherlands is strategically positioned at the heart of Europe’s Single Market. Its main sea and inland ports facilitate the flow of goods to and from Europe’s hinterland.

    ICT top sector

    The Dutch approach: smart solutions, human purpose   Digitalisation is transforming the way we live and the way we do business. It is also key to sustainable growth and solving the social challenges of our time. Better ICT infrastructure, and more, better and affordable access to ICT infrastructure contribute to achieving various Sustainable Development Goals. Using ICT, we can find solutions for problems such as rising healthcare costs, increasing traffic congestion or ensuring enough, healthy and sustainably produced food.