A strong & robust EU

Sustainable European Economy

Through cooperation between EU countries and a policy of open markets, the EU has become prosperous and competitive. Faced with several fundamental transitions and changing global dynamics, the Netherlands believes it is important to keep an open economic outlook and make use of the EU’s strengths to take on these challenges.

To retain our strong position in the world, this open and competitive economic environment is essential. International trade, access to global value chains and competition have a positive impact on innovation in the EU, and access to world markets should be cherished. Nevertheless, reviewing EU rules and regulations should be considered when global changes or societal and technological developments call for it. The objective should be to maintain and strengthen international trade and investment systems as well as to create a level playing field, which allows us to gain further access to global markets while safeguarding the EU’s strategic economic interests.

The Netherlands believes that we need to work towards a sustainable economy that is both innovative and competitive and that also offers protection. The basis of this sustainable economy is a strong and stable economic system with solid macro-economic foundations. These strong foundations are also important to reaching other key challenges for EU countries in the years to come: enhancing and making the internal market future-proof and leading in the energy, circular and digital transitions. This sustainable economic system should ensure the EU stays competitive in a changing world.