A strong & robust EU

Interests and values abroad

Traditional partnerships cannot be taken for granted. Building and maintaining consensus among member states remains vital. A united EU puts us in a position of great economic power, which can be used to make sure the international order is strengthened and reflects European values and standards. This power should also be used to show leadership to address global challenges, such as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

To deliver results on the EU’s key priorities – migration, security, a robust economy and climate – strong external action by the EU is necessary. This calls for greater coherence between external and internal policies.

The EU is in favour of multilateral international cooperation. Addressing today’s challenges requires collective responses by the EU, NATO and the UN. Given the developments in the world, the EU is also in need of a more effective Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). Fighting climate change and combatting human rights violations should be at the centre of this CFSP.