Request the maritime future is NOW. sticker

The maritime future is NOW. sticker has been created to distinguish Dutch public and private organisations and partnerships which accelerate the transition towards sustainable maritime industries. 


A sticker opens up and adds flavour to a conversation. If your activities match/support ‘The Maritime Future is NOW’ philosphy, we invite you to put a sticker on your visuals. In doing so, you not only promote your own role in the ‘The Maritime Future is NOW’, but also help spread the message and accompanying activities of the Dutch maritime sector worldwide.


You can also amplify your own contribution to smart and sustainable shipping by using the hashtags #MaritimeFutureisNOW and #MFIN in your social media posts.

The plain version of the sticker can simply be placed on purely NL-branded communication materials, meaning those branded with the official NL logo and house style. The sticker with the little NL button can be placed on your organisations’ corporate communications. This decision tree in our NL Toolkit can help you select the right sticker.

Product Specification

Request permission for a sticker by e-mailing the NL Branding team. Don't forget to tell us about your organisation and which communication activity you want to use the sticker for. Once permission is given, we will send you the relevant sticker file. Use the CMYK file for printed materials and RGB for web and displaying online on your website or socials.

Need more campaign materials?

If you are an expert in the maritime sector, join us to help shape the maritime future: go to our NL Toolkit for more Maritime Future is NOW! campaign materials. (Just register for access).