International fall 2020 campaign

Moving forwards together

'Moving forwards together' is an international campaign, launched by the Netherlands in September 2020. It's about taking action, living through the challenging times of the Covid-19 crisis, and coming out the other end better prepared and more united. Let's join hands to restart international collaboration for a better future!


  • Moving
    In times like these, it is essential to keep on moving. Standing still is not an option. It’s important that we forge ahead toward shared goals and new opportunities.


  • Forwards
    There’s moving. And there’s moving forwards. It is important that we make the distinction because the future is what’s ahead. Let’s take the lead in investing in a range of initiatives that strengthen the future with sustainable economic growth, environmental protections, health and education.


  • Together
    When everyone is moving forwards together, success takes care of itself. In order to produce real results we need to come together. It’s through collaboration that we figure out ways to help each other in solving global challenges. Having an open and inclusive attitude encourages a diversity of ideas and countless opportunities. Whether an SME with government, entrepreneur, or a struggling start-up, achieving your goals is about teamwork.

Join the campaign!
The goal of the campaign is to connect and coordinate all initiatives aimed at countering and alleviating the effects the Covid-19 crisis has had on both international enterprise and our communities. Serving as an overarching theme, it unites all contextual activities initiated by public and private parties, in the period from 1 September to 1 January 2021. The campaign is activated by:


  • Placing the campaign sticker on third parties' relevant communication channels
  • Filing the activities for publication on
  • Preview of the available official campaign stickers:

Official art work campaign stickers


The campaign is aligned with the Netherlands' international positioning strategy, that aims for the Netherlands to be known as a partner for cocreating pioneering solutions to global challenges. 

Should you wish to take part in the Moving Forwards Together campaign, please contact the NL Branding Team at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to obtain instructions and the official campaign art work, by supplying the following information:


  • Organisation
  • Name of the activity/initiative the campaign art work is intended for
  • List of the communication tools the campaign art work is intended for
  • Motivation (max. 50 words)
  • Complete contact details of contact person (job title, telephone number, address)