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The Dutch approach: smart solutions, human purpose

Digitalisation is transforming the way we live and the way we do business. It is also key to sustainable growth and solving the social challenges of our time. Better ICT infrastructure, and more, better and affordable access to ICT infrastructure contribute to achieving various Sustainable Development Goals. Using ICT, we can find solutions for problems such as rising healthcare costs, increasing traffic congestion or ensuring enough, healthy and sustainably produced food.

The Dutch approach: people first

ICT, and especially AI, has a major impact on our lives. The challenge is to get and keep everyone on board. Trust in technology is necessary for the successful development and adoption of AI. In the Dutch approach, we put people first, not technology. ICT and AI must contribute to the general welfare and prosperity, without infringing on fundamental human rights.

Digitalisation is also indispensable for the innovative strength of the economy and new business activities. Our economy is not only highly competitive, it is also agile. The Netherlands is a proven testing ground for new solutions, where adoption of digital technologies is comparatively fast.

In the Netherlands we focus on areas that offer opportunities to both citizens and businesses, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Data Centres and Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Future Networks beyond 5G.

Cooperation within the European Union

The Dutch are entrepreneurial people and collaboration is in our DNA. The Netherlands is in an excellent position to take advantage of the economic and social opportunities digitalisation offers. Our digital infrastructure is world-class, our workforce is well educated, and we have a long tradition of close cooperation between companies, scientists, government and citizens. This has contributed to the emergence of innovative clusters all over the country, world-class universities and research centers.

In Europe, the Netherlands is a trusted expert and innovation leader and a hub on the digital gateway. We are building strong European alliances and making major digital leadership investments. In Europe, the Netherlands also plays an active role in the lively debate on responsible data, digital human rights, and privacy in preparation for the digital era.

Smart solutions, human purpose

We believe new digital solutions should be a win-win for everyone involved. The Dutch approach puts people first, not technology. For us, technology should improve people’s quality of life first and foremost.

Team dutch digital delta (top sector ICT) stimulates and initiates innovations in ICT for the various (top) sectors.