A strong & robust EU

EU governance

The Netherlands wants a future-proof, effective and robust European Union. A result-oriented EU that is accountable and gives and takes responsibility. An EU of values, such as respect for human rights, freedom, equality, democracy, and human dignity. Rule of law, the functioning of EU institutions and agencies, subsidiarity and transparency are essential and should be top of the agenda.

A strong EU consists of strong member states. The Netherlands believes rule of law is a key priority, as it increases popular trust in the EU and strengthens its stability and resilience to shocks. Member states and the European Commission have to improve implementation and enforcement of EU legislation. The EU sometimes requires better regulation, sometimes better enforcement, and sometimes both. Common rules should be applied effectively and unconditionally. Mutual trust between EU members is crucial for policy concerning freedom, security and justice. EU instruments to monitor, promote and enforce the rule of law need to be protected, and if possible enhanced. We also believe governance of EU agencies needs to be reviewed and made more effective and accountable.

Transparency is key to strengthening the legitimacy of and support for EU’s decision making. The Netherlands believes the EU decision-making process should be opened up, without compromising the necessary space to think. Involving the public is essential to ensure a robust, united and democratic Europe, and national parliaments could play a key role in this. We would like the EU to explore the possibilities for national parliaments to promote their wishes and ideas for new European policy and legislation.