Peace, justice & security


As host to many international legal institutions, the Netherlands helps to strengthen the legal order worldwide. Our country also plays an active role in preventing armed conflict in many regions across the globe. To accomplish this, we take part in peace missions and support reconstruction in post-conflict countries.

Membership of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has contributed to the Netherlands being a safe and secure country. However, the world does not stand still. There are several threats which impact our security. Shifts in the balance of geopolitical and economic power, instability and insecurity around Europe and the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom, accelerated technological developments, the threat of terrorism, a rise in hybrid conflicts, and tensions within the Netherlands and Europe, all disrupt the delicate peace we enjoy.


As a result, the Dutch government has drawn up the Integrated International Security Strategy (IISS). This a strategic framework for a secure Netherlands. It also steps up the Netherlands contribution to international security. The security approach of the IISS rests on three pillars: preventing, defending and strengthening. It offers guidance for what the government does beyond our borders to ensure the safety of our citizens, the Netherlands and the Kingdom as a whole. It also underlines the importance of working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as a means to maintaining stability in vulnerable regions.


As an internationally oriented, open economy, the Netherlands supports the inclusive and people-oriented approach to lasting peace and security advocated by the Scientific Council on Government Policy (WRR).