Business climate and foreign investment

Startups and scale-ups

Startups and scale-ups are drivers of the economy: they create jobs, open up markets, and play a crucial role in developing solutions for the challenges our society faces today. The Netherlands offers startups and scale-ups an extensive ecosystem to flourish, explore, and experiment.

The Netherlands strives to function as an international knowledge hub, open to digital and tech companies from all over the world. Whether you stay here for a short or longer period, in the Netherlands you will find fertile ground to further develop your business. Here are the key success factors:  

  1. Dutch consumers are early adopters and love experimenting. This makes the Netherlands a great test bed for ideas that are unconventional, yet promising.
  2. The country’s strategic location provides easy access to the European market, and
  3. The excellent digital and physical infrastructure offers companies the necessary conditions to accelerate growth.
  4. The Netherlands is home to award-winning accelerators and incubators as well as numerous top-notch universities and knowledge institutions. Here talent is challenged from the very beginning to experiment and think big.
  5. The Dutch government actively contributes to shaping conditions in which today’s most creative and innovative minds are encouraged to work together to find solutions for challenges such as climate change, population growth and ageing.

Powering collaboration

To solve today’s most pressing issues, we need to work together. To maximise impact, we continuously reach out to the international community. Many of our talented changemakers already cooperate with like-minded counterparts abroad. We facilitate international partnerships and knowledge exchange through subsidies and other incentives.

We believe international talent should have the same opportunities as Dutch talent to put exciting new ideas into practice. Next to welcoming international entrepreneurs and employees to the Netherlands, we also help local entrepreneurs around the world advance their own communities. Through the Orange Corners programme, for example, we connect global talent and enable them to grow together and inspire each other. By providing ambitious entrepreneurs in developing countries with training, mentorship, a network, funding and facilities, we aim to contribute to economic and societal prosperity all over the world.

Startups and scale-ups are crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Every disruptive company started with an idea. We need smart, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs who can turn new ideas into impactful enterprises. The larger the size, the greater the impact. By working together we can accelerate change. Let’s start and accelerate the change together!