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KUJINGA – providing free soap for Angola

When confronted with a crisis, there are two things you can do: flee or fight. Wilma Cavaleiro and KUJINGA decided to fight. Using their extensive network, they started producing and distributing free soap to promote handwashing in Angola.  


Free ambulance service for expecting moms

When the Kenyan government introduced a dusk to dawn COVID-19 curfew, Dr. Jemimah Kariuki noticed increased cases of pregnant women either dying or delivering distressed or stillborn babies. One of the reasons was a lack of transportation during curfew hours. Together with a group of fellow medics, she started the Wheels for Life initiative which offers free ambulance services for expecting mothers.

The Netherlands

Free of charge smart software helps to fight corona

Corona caught us all by surprise, but fortunately we have a large arsenal of medical technology at our disposal to fight the virus. The Dutch company Delft Imaging repurposed their TB x-ray tool to trace corona and is helping to prevent major outbreaks in countries with limited testing capabilities.


All-girl Afghan Robotics Team build low-cost ventilator using car parts

The all-girl Afghan Robotics Team have developed a mobile and inexpensive ventilator that will help COVID patients in Afghanistan. The device costs a fraction of normal ventilators and is partly built with car parts.

United States

Free writing classes for aspiring playwrights

Always wanted to be a writer? Amidst lockdowns and social distancing, chances are good that you will find yourself with more time on your hands than ever before. So why not take the opportunity to practice your creative writing skills? Playwright Lauren Gunderson is there to encourage you and help you out.