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Czech Republic

We Give Masks website helps distribute DIY face masks

After months of hesitation, the World Health Organisation changed its advice on wearing face masks. At first, the WHO said it would not significantly affect the spread of coronavirus. As many European countries emerge from lockdown, face masks are either required or encouraged in public. In the Czech Republic, people were advised to wear face masks from the outset. Not to protect themselves, but to protect each other.


Singaporeans donate their Solidarity Payments to local NGOs

The government of Singapore decided to provide a Solidarity Payment to support its citizens dealing with declining income due to the corona crisis. As not everyone in Singapore needed additional support, one citizen decided to pay it forward by starting a movement to donate Solidarity Allowance to NGOs and the less fortunate.

United States

Gowns4Good: donate your graduation gown to a frontliner

What did you do with your graduation gown after the graduation ceremony? Chances are good that you never used it again and it is now collecting dust in your wardrobe. Gowns4Good upcycles graduation gowns as personal protective equipment for healthcare workers fighting corona, giving gowns a second life saving lives.

Worldwide; Spain

Remembering for posterity: Covid Art Museum

We live in special times. Hope and solidary exist alongside anxiety and loss. But after the pandemic is over, how will we remember this time? The digital art platform Covid Art Museum aims to contribute to our shared memory by highlighting corona-related art on social media.


SenVitale: e-health startup at the forefront of the fight against corona in Senegal

All around the world tech-startups are coming up with innovative new ideas to help contain the pandemic. In Senegal, e-health startup SenVitale is doing its bit to support the government and health services doing what they do best: bridging the gap between the medical field and IT.

United States

Golden Age Karate: teen martial artist keeps seniors fit during pandemic

Jeff Wall is 15 years old. He is also a Tang Soo Do martial artist. Before corona, Jeff taught karate to seniors at a local nursing home. To help his senior students keep fit during the pandemic, Jeff continued his Golden Age Karate programme online.

The Netherlands

Reliable internet content for all

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced 15 billion school children and adolescents worldwide to work on their assignments and follow classes online. The internet plays an important part in gathering information to complete the assignments. But which information can they trust? Education technology firm Wizenoze takes results from the commercial search engines and improves them into reliable tailor-made search results for young people.