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A smart partnership between the Netherlands and the UK

​​​​​​On 18 and 19 October, the Netherlands and the UK will come together for an organised trade mission. This time with an opportunity for Dutch and British businesses to meet the minds behind some of the more secure and pioneering sustainable innovations and initiatives from both countries. Liesje Schreinemacher, Dutch Minister for foreign Trade and Development Cooperation will be there along with Vivianne Heijen, Dutch Minister for Environment, to share their thoughts on solutions that are driving the way to Net Zero. Discover the people behind these solutions and how the Netherlands and the UK are partnering up for a sustainable future in the mission booklet below.

Reducing city emissions through international collaboration

In June, city administrators, businesses and investors came together in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, in celebration of Climate Impact Day to discuss climate-neutral and smart cities. The outcome was crystal clear: we have to act now. And we have to act together, as climate change seriously impacts life on Earth. The event clearly showed governments are eager to tackle the complex nature of climate change.

How sponge cities are keeping China's feet dry

Lush green roofs. Buzzing bee gardens. Lively large parks. It’s a known fact that greenery makes cities more attractive, improving quality of life. But it’s a lesser known fact that, when applied correctly, urban green spaces can make cities more climate resilient. In Shanghai, landscape architect Judith van der Poel, director at Niek Roozen Landscape, found a way that perfectly balances decorative green with functional advantages. This protects the Chinese metropolis from floods and drought, while simultaneously making it a better place to live for its many millions of inhabitants.

How Serbia and the Netherlands are boosting biodiversity

In the race to meet the needs of 9 billion people on earth by 2050, horticulture experts are partnering up to make sure nature is not forgotten in urban developments. Therefore, Dutch public-private partnership Green Cities Serbia focuses on implementing green elements to existing buildings throughout Serbian cities.

Sign up for the NL Waterway Cleanup 2022

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Imagine how this affects biodiversity, the aquatic environment and our health. We need to act. Every effort – no matter how small – matters. That is why, this year once again the Netherlands is organising the NL Waterway Cleanup. This time our goal is to prevent microplastics from entering the environment before it can pollute our groundwater.

Pride in the Netherlands: orange is always part of the rainbow

After a two-year break due to COVID-19, Pride parades are being held in many countries across the world this summer. In the Netherlands, Pride street festivals are being organised up and down the country to stand up for LGBTIQ+ rights and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Nature-based solutions in Zárate

Have you ever wondered where the world is going to fit over 9 billion people in 2050? If so, you´re not alone. Worldwide, professionals from many disciplines have pondered the same question. Adrian Puentes, partner, architect and urban planner at BD+P, states that when faced with this reality, we all must act collectively in every possible aspect of planning.