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The Netherlands at eMove 360

Discover the companies present at this year's eMove 360 in Berlin by clicking through the brochure below.   

A wave of action with ripples from China to Chile

One day ahead of World Cleanup Day, the Dutch coastal town of Ijmuiden kicked off the second edition of the #NLWaterwayCleanup. The start signal was given by Municipality of Velsen alderman Jeroen Verwoort in the town's fishing harbour, with alderwoman Marianne Steijn lending her support. Setting off a wave of actions which sent ripples from China to Chile, from New Zealand to Canada

Join the ‘Water = Life’ photo competition!

Water connects people from different continents and cities. And it has a huge influence on development, poverty reduction, equality and security. At the same time, climate change is impacting people’s access to water. Rising sea levels, drought and extreme weather are increasingly common. To ensure clean and safe water for all, we need to undertake rapid action. With the Water = Life photo competition, the Netherlands wants to support this call to unite the world for water.

Offshore wind opportunities in Ireland

From 11 to 14 September, a Dutch delegation of Offshore wind experts will visit Cork in Ireland. The trade mission will be led by Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy Policy, and Arjen Schutte, the Managing Director of Holland Home of Wind Energy. The mission will provide Dutch and Irish participants with an introduction to our respective markets, to network and create partnerships, and to explore additional business opportunities. Have a look at the mission booklet for more information on the Dutch delegation.

Urban Farming Partners: turning growing cities into thriving farms

Singapore is better known for its skyscrapers than its farms. Less than one per cent of the country’s territory is agricultural land, and it imports over 90% of its food. This makes Singapore particularly vulnerable to fluctuations on the world food market. To remedy this, the government wants to boost local food production and has set a goal to produce 30 percent of its nutritional needs locally by 2030. Singaporean-Dutch partnership Urban Farming Partners Singapore (UFPSG) is keen to support this ambitious goal.

Keeping up the Momentum for research into microplastics and health

Microplastics are everywhere, but we actually know very little about how they affect human health. Dutch consortium Momentum has initiated studies to research the impact of microplatics and health. We spoke with Dick Vethaak (Vrije Universiteit) and Juliette Legler (Utrecht University) about the work of Momentum, which has put the Netherlands at the forefront of this area of research.

Plastic Soup Foundation director explains why microplastics are an issue

Plastics have been with us for the last 70 years. And once they have been made they remain with us forever. Public awareness has grown since the first gyres of plastic soup were discovered in the Pacific Ocean in the 1990s. Today almost every schoolchild can tell you about plastic soup. But what are microplastics and what happens once they enter the environment? We ask Maria Westerbos founder and director of the Plastic Soup Foundation.